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One year ago today we lost one of our very experienced, long-time coaches Omid Aziminejad. In memory of Omid, we are introducing an annual award to be given to a coach who shares many of the great qualities that we admired in Omid, especially the connection that he made with his players. To Omid, soccer was more than kicking a soccer ball around. It was what shaped his entire life. Omid inspired those around him and showed them how to love soccer in the same way that he did. His true passion and caring for his players were only matched by his deep knowledge and understanding of the game. When observing Omid’s teams, his players not only displayed their enjoyment of the game but also demonstrated the same passion on the field that Omid exhibited off the field. Omid's ability to relate to all his players, regardless of age or gender, was admirable. He viewed his players as part of his own family and would do anything to ensure that they developed and left the field wanting to come back the next day.

These special qualities underline what we believe every coach should strive for and what every player and parent would want from a coach. We know all of our coaches impact their players in so many amazing ways and truly understand the importance of their role in their players' lives.

This annual award represents a coach who we feel exhibits those same qualities while honoring Omid’s contributions to our club, his players, and his peers.

2020 / 21 WINNERS