Dear Coaches, parents and players
High Soccer Video is a company dedicated to filming soccer games in different parts of the country.
We use HD cameras mounted on 30-foot tall tripods to film the games from the best angle and view of the field.
Our commitment to high quality, reliability and excellence in customer service has been the basis of our success.
We will have 8 cameras recording, but we have games running at the same time at 26 fields,
if your team wants to be recorded, please schedule ahead and we will send a camera to your field.  

The link below is an example of a footage from our 30 feet tall cameras:

Our videos can be used as a great learning tool, the link below it's a good example:
Team package 
Includes the filming service of the entire game plus a High Definition file from the game transferred via link, 
or a Youtube link of the game on 
the week after the Tournament, this team package cost $175.
EARLY BIRDS PROMOTION!!! Schedule your game before the Weekend and we will email you the HD file 
or the YouTube Link on the week after the Tournament at $150 one game, $285 two games or $405 three games.
If your team wants 17 DVDs of the game it cost $20 extra.  Also we can LIVE STREAM the games in YouTube and watch it anywhere, per $100 extra. 
Individual Package
We will edit all the player plays and email you a HD Clip via a downloadable link. 
The cost is $70 per player per game.
The link below is an example of an Individual Package:
Need a player recruiting video to present to College coaches?
The highlight edition cost $300, we need at least three games to have material to work with. 
We'll need photos and a player profile resume and the final clip will be uploaded to YouTube.
To schedule a game all you have to do is email to the following information:
Park Name: 
Team Name: 
Boys or Girls team age:
Date and Time of game(s):