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By RSL-AZ, 08/29/19, 8:30AM MST


BREAKING NEWS: RSL-AZ announce Crumb as New Fundraising Partner
Crumb, a fundraising and financial management platform for youth and school sports programs, is a new fundraising partner for RSL-AZ.

As an alternative to traditional fundraising programs, Crumb offers a micro-donation concept for individuals interested in supporting their kids soccer teams. After connecting a person’s bank account, Crumb rounds up the individual’s purchases and donates those “crumbs” to the team’s account. Donors also earn rewards when Crumb matches their daily transactions with participating brands.

“This is a unique way for individuals to support our kids' soccer teams,” said Brent Erwin, RSL-AZ Executive Director. “This concept by Crumb is a great alternative to more traditional fundraising methods. We look forward to this partnership and to see how Crumb will be able to help RSL-AZ’s teams raise money in a new and innovative manner.”

“We’re thrilled to be a new fundraising parter for RSL-AZ ,” said Kristen Gocke, Co-Founder and Executive Vice-President of Client Relations for Crumb. “We look forward to helping RSL-AZ teams raise money to offset the rising costs of tournaments & travel, while also saving parents valuable time."

For more information on Crumb, visit:

More information on how Crumb works will be distributed via your Treasurer and Team Manager--we hope every team can take advantage of this great fundraising opportunity!