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By RSL-AZ, 09/04/19, 5:00PM MST


“If we have as much sense as geese we will stand by each other in difficult times as well as when we are strong”

                                                                                                                                                              Lessons from Geese


As a club, our mission is not only to develop soccer talent and great athletes, but also to develop compassionate and educated men and women. Our core principles—COMMITMENT, HONESTY, RESILIENCE, RESPECT, GIVER—are intended to guide us in that effort, on and off the field.

This month our focus is on GIVER, a mentality that puts service, whether to your team, club, family or community, ahead of one’s self.

Here is what GIVER means to me: to be a positive person who believes in service and help for others.

On the field, I was taught that a player’s job is to make their teammates’ job easier.  To play a better pass so they can then have an easier job handling the ball; to run back and defend so that the team has enough players to prevent attacks; to build up all teammates thru positive communication, rather than tearing them down with criticism.  Even outside of game time, there are many ways in which players can make sure they contribute. Get dressed on time and have their own bag and water ready so that mom and dad do not have to do it; carry the balls or cones for the coach; help cleaning up after each game and practice; be at training early and be ready to give their best.  

Off the field each one of us should ask themselves: what can I do in my life to make the lives of those around me better.  How can I help? 

As many of you know, we were able to host a fundraiser in El Paso for the community and victims of the mass shooting at the Walmart.  I was proud to be a part of that group and be able to help.  The kids and community of El Paso loved the event and we did as well.  We were able to meet some of the people who were in the Walmart and who were wounded by the bullets, and their first words to us were “Thank you”.  These people had been thru a dramatic event, had their lives under threat, yet the first feeling they had for us was gratitude. They even asked us what they could do to help! A true example of GIVERS.

 We have a fantastic community of families at RSL-AZ and I am humbled by their warm response and contribution every time we turn to them for help. We have supported many members of our family in difficult times, stood by our team mates when they needed it the most and we have given back to our community in many ways. As we continue to look for avenues in which we can help, my ask is that you reach out to us if you know of a family member that needs help or of you have an important cause we can support in your community. We are stronger together, As One.

Let’s make it our focus over this month to begin to develop the attitude and mentality of 'GIVER'.  What can we do to make the lives of those around us better?  I believe in visual learning, so I will end this section on GIVER with a video that is a fantastic example.  This video has been shown to national team, and professional teams and clubs all over the world.  It is a wonderful synapsis of being part of a giving team.

Lessons from Geese

Have a great month and let’s be GIVERS!

Brent Erwin
RSL-AZ Executive Director