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By RSL-AZ, 06/03/20, 8:45AM MST


“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

Respect is a very basic concept and in the simplest terms, it means to behave with good manners and treat others how you would like to be treated. Showing respect and being thoughtful of others really doesn’t take much. In fact, it feels a lot better to treat others this way than in an unfair and cruel manner.
In this present day and age, the widespread of social media makes it easier to be unsympathetic to those around us and have less regard for other people’s feelings. It’s easier to hide behind impersonal communication and ignore the basic tenets of politeness and thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, this occasionally carries into social interaction too!
In sports and soccer, we all have to live and thrive in a team environment. When we are all together day after day, during practices, games, victories, and losses, respect becomes even more important. In a team, it’s easier to see how individuals thrive in situations where others respect them and treat them with dignity.  Even more so, respectful behavior is not just about admiring those who we believe deserve it because of their great accomplishments. Respect is also about taking the time to listen to other people’s concerns, problems, and thoughts. It is about praising those who’ve made great efforts and are hard-working, polite individuals.
As a coach, we have an example to set for our teams. We need to show them how to act even when we don’t agree with a call or don’t like what’s going on with the team or the game. It’s hard to do sometimes, but we have to remember that we are the adult and we are responsible for my actions.
As a player or parent, we urge you to respect coaches and their decisions. Remember their job performance is on display at every game. Very few professions are so openly observed and publicly critiqued. Second-guessing their work does not provide a positive atmosphere for the players, the coach, or the parents.
We are in this together,  so let's treat each other with respect and kindness.

David Shaffer
ECNL & North DOC