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Learn More About The RSL AZ Diversity and Inclusion Board

By RSL AZ, 01/28/22, 2:45PM MST


RSL-AZ Family, 

Happy New Year and we are looking forward to another great year for RSL-AZ staff, coaches, players and families. This past year, our Diversity Council was established to support some of the efforts of inclusion within RSL-AZ. It’s important to recognize the power that comes with a diverse community of players, families and coaches. 

Having diverse coaches allows us to learn different methods and philosophies on how to play the game. Players, of all levels and backgrounds, are special in what they bring to their team. Their uniqueness allows them to add their own spin to how they play the game and build teamwork among themselves. 

We wanted to take this time to ensure we are all aware of some terms and definitions. Defining diversity concepts is important for us to know who we are, who is on our teams and why their background is important. If every coach can share with the team some of these terms, and ask players how they would define themselves within these terms/concepts: 

1. Identity — “The fact of being who or what a person or thing is” — Oxford dictionary. Also it is linked to how people may feel about themselves (for example, I may be proud or my identity or ashamed of it).

2. Diversity - “The fact or quality of being diverse; difference. A point or respect in which things differ” - Oxford Dictionary. 

3. Race  — A categorization of humans based on shared physical or social qualities into groups generally viewed as distinct within a given society. A social construction usually used to categorize people based on how they appear (traits such as color of skin and eyes, hair type, etc.). 

4. Ethnicity — Is a categorization used to refer to groups with distinct cultural practices and patterns of behavior.

5. Gender — “The behavioral, social and psychological aspect of being male and female”. It is a term used interchangeably with sex, which refers to the biological aspects of being male and female. This definition indicates that while gender is related to the sex that on has at birth, it transcends biology and involves psychological, societal and behavioral norms and patterns of behavior. 

At the end of sharing these terms, reflect on how each player and coach identifies with the definitions and concepts. We want to realize that diversity is powerful and it will benefit teams as it can expand our skill base and broaden our perspective. 

This is one tool that will allow us to bridge our differences and leverage our similarities by knowing who we are and gain an understanding of the identities of others. 

The diversity council is here for you. We were established to help guide this organization as we continue to grow. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. 

Nicole Turner | Mark Clifford