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Youth Coaches Workshop: Feb 28th At 7:00pm

By RSL AZ, 02/22/22, 8:15AM MST


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Webinar Description:
Analyzing soccer game film is a proven way to get players to improve faster, but many teams have a hard time convincing players to watch. No one wants to sit through raw game footage to find their own highlights, and coaches simply do not have the time to edit personalized footage for each player.

Trace solves both these problems with a platform for capturing and delivering personalized soccer moments that players can't wait to consume.

In this upcoming workshop, we’ll discuss:

⚽️How Trace takes burden off of coaches of editing raw game film

⚽️Why video analysis has become standard for soccer clubs around the country

⚽️How Trace gives players a leg up in the recruiting process

⚽️How you can use Trace to start capturing moments for your team this season