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Athletic Training Room Membership With Endurance Rehab

By RSL AZ, 03/18/22, 1:45PM MST


As we enter the final stretch of the season, we know that our players often carry minor injuries and soreness. To support them in the best possible way, we reached out to our partner Endurance Rehab and agreed on a plan to provide them with the care they need. 

For a $15 monthly fee, players can sign up for an Athletic Training Room membership at their location in Scottsdale (9376 E Bahia Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85260) and at the RSL AZ Training Center at Paloma (3215 S Sossaman Rd. Mesa, AZ 85212).

This membership includes:

  • Access to the gym and gym equipment (alongside physical therapy patients, so please be considerate of them)
  • Ice, heat, and electrical stimulation (E-Stim)
  • Taping for joint and muscle support/ injury prevention
  • Recovery Modalities (will be administered/set up by Endurance employee)
  • Ice
  • Heat
  • Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim)
  • Normatec pneumatic compression boots
  • Hypervolt percussion therapy 
  • Injury screens

You can register for the Athletic Training Room Membership here.

For physical therapy involving significant or severe conditions and injuries (including post-fracture, post-surgery, injuries that prohibit playing/practicing), athletes will need formal PT. They can either use health insurance or, if preferred, can cash pay at the discounted RSL rate.

As a reminder, RSL AZ players also have access to Endurance Rehab's preferred doctor list. These are sports medicine physicians, not surgeons, and they can get athletes in quicker to evaluate injuries and order imaging/testing as necessary. Unless the player is dealing with an emergency, these are the best physicians to start the process. 

  • Erik Dean 480-889-1838 SCOTTSDALE 
  • Charles Peterson and Brent Rich ASMC 888-499-1015 MESA
  • Erik Bowman (Phx Children's) 602-933-1000 
  • Matt Anastasi (MAYO) 480-342-6800

Knee and Shoulder Injuries (surgeons)

  • Gary Waslewski, Doug Freedburg and Amon Ferry ASMC 888-499-1015
  • Amit Sahasrabudhe 480-889-1838 (MESA)
  • Anikar Chhabra Mayo 480-342-6800
  • Tim Bert 623-873-8565

Fractures/Trauma (ie/ Clavicle fracture) 

  • Jeff Vaughn, David Bennett and Jen Burns (Phx Childrens) 602-933-1000
  • Amit Sahasrabudhe 480-889-1838 
  • Peter Mitchell ASMC 888-499-1015 FOOT and ANKLE only 

Hip (Joint issues, adductor, hamstring tears, etc.) 

  • Gary Waslewski ASMC 888-499-1015
  • Tim Bert 623-873-8565

Spinal Injuries (neck and back) 

  • Brad and Susan Sorosky 602-840-0681
  • Anthony Lee 480-442-0880
  • Children's – Dr. Bennet 602-933-1000

If you have any issues scheduling an appointment, don't hesitate to get in touch with Endurance Rehab so they can help facilitate the process for you. 

The development of our young boys and girls is our top priority, and we want to ensure they have easy access to the care they need to perform at their best and continue to grow.