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RSL AZ Learning Center - Defending Phase: Recovery

By RSL AZ, 10/26/22, 11:15AM MST


The RSL AZ Learning Center is back with new curriculum. 

If you missed any of the previous posts see below:


Week #10
Defending Phase: Recovery


  • Close DGC & Prevent Penetration


  • If pressure is beaten around: quickly recover at an angle to prevent progress
  • If not able to apply pressure: must retreat at an angle to stop progress
  • Delay progress: protect space behind 
  • CB covering runner in behind until OB is recovered
  • If pressure is bypassed with direct ball: quickly recover and squeeze from behind
  • Close DGC: force play wide/negative, protect the direct goal channel
  • Immediate reaction to defend when possession is lost
  • Nearest players must make decision to pressure or cut off progress
  • Teammates shaping cover to deny penetrations “splits”
  • Teammates on last line: protect space behind
  • Teammates in front of the ball: back press to close space