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RSL AZ & Earnhardt Auto Centers Announce Spirit Of Tex Awards

By RSL AZ, 04/24/23, 11:30AM MST


RSL AZ and Earnhardt Auto Groups are pleased to announce that the No Bull Student-Athlete of the Month will be renamed to the Spirit of Tex Award to honor the legacy and values of Tex Earnhardt, founder of Earnhardt Auto Centers. 

Tex had some sayings he would often repeat and share in both his business and personal endeavors. Some of those were: “Treat everyone the way you’d treat your mama”, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” and “Always be able to say three things: Please, Thank you and Sorry.”  Such wisdom was simple, honest and endearing. It led to the success of an on-going automotive business here in Arizona and are also great guidance for fair-play and sportsmanship. For these reasons, RSL-AZ is excited to honor our people with the new “Spirit of Tex” awards!

In May, RSL AZ and Earnhardt Auto Centers will name the Male and Female Spirit of Tex Student-Athlete of the Year. Each winner will also earn a $1,000 scholarship. Winning players will be selected from this part season's student-athlete monthly winners.

In addition to the name change, Earnhardt Auto Centers would like to recognize winners in these additional categories: Spirit of Tex Coach of the Year, Spirit of Tex Referee of the Year, Spirit of Tex Volunteer of the Year. The winning coach and referee of the year will each earn a $1,000 award and the winning volunteer will earn a $500 award.

Winners of these awards will be announced in May

As we move into the upcoming season, monthly winners will be announced; thus creating a pool of candidates for subsequent “Spirit of Tex” awards!