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Cactus Kickoff 2023 Recap

By RSL AZ, 09/19/23, 1:00PM MST


The 2023 Cactus Kickoff is in the books and we would like to thank all 280+ teams for participating this year! 

If you missed any photos from the tournament check them out here.

Below are champions for each age group and division. 

The next RSL AZ tournament coming up is the Royal Cup which runs from October 20-22. Registration is now open

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U9 Boys
Columbia - RSL AZ South 15 Boys Clay
Costa Rica - FC Deportivo Arizona FCDA 2015 
Denmark - RSL AZ West Valley 15 Boys Valencia

U9 Girls
Switzerland - RSL AZ North 15 Girls Chriest
Sweden - RSL AZ South 16 Girls Farabee

U10 Boys
England - Legends FC AZ 14B
France - CCV Stars 14 Boys Orange LAV
Germany - RSL AZ North 14 Boys Vyas
Haiti - RSL AZ South 14 Boys Castro Rueda

U10 Girls
Spain - RSL AZ South 14 Girls Novais
South Africa - RSL AZ South 14 Girls Ernando
Ireland - RSL AZ South 14 Girls Epstein

U11 Boys
Italy - RSL AZ North 13 Boys Pre MLX Next Gold Central
Jamaica - RSL AZ North 14 Boys Ryan
Japan - Phoenix Rush 13 Boys

U11 Girls
Portugal - CCV Stars 13 Girls Orange PEO
Philippines - LVSA 2013 Girls Red
Panama - CCV Stars 13 Girl White PEO

U12 Boys
South Korea - Playmakers 2012 Black
Morocco - RSL AZ South 12 Boys Pre MLS Next Cooper
Netherlands - PSG Phoenix 12B Red
New Zealand - RSL AZ South 12 Boys O Molina

U12 Girls
Norway - RSL AZ North 13 Girls Pre ECNL Jeffers
Nigeria - CCV Stars 12 Girls SUR
New Zealand - AZ Inferno 12 Girls Black

U13 Boys
Nigeria - RSL AZ West Valley 11 Boys Chavez
Norway - Brazas Futebol Club 2011 Boys Black Thiago
Panama - FC Arizona 11 Tappero
Philippines - CCV Stars 11 Boys EAV

U13 Girls
Netherlands - Legends FC Z 12G FC
Morocco - Phoenix Surf 11G Blue

U14 Boys
Portugal - CCV Stars 10B Elite 64
Ireland - Tecni Futbol Academy Nevada 2010
South Africa - RSL AZ South 10 Boys Velasco

U14 Girls
South Korea - PRFC North Valley 10G Predator
Japan - Phoenix RUsh 2010 Girls

U15 Boys
Spain - PRFC West Valley 09B Predator
Sweden - Phoenix Premier FC 09B White

U15 Girls
Jamaica - RSL AZ North 09 Girls Chriest

U16 Boys
Switzerland - El Paso Premier League RSL 2009 Select
USA - El Paso Premier League RSL 2009 Red

U17 Boys
Vietnam - FC Deportivo 2008 Boys Red

U17 Girls
Haiti - PRFC Prescott 07G Predator
Italy - RSL AZ North 08 Girls Hansen
Germany - RSL AZ South 08 Girls Ed

U18 Boys
Zambia - RSL AZ North 06 Boys Hack

U19 Boys
Argentina - State 48 FC 06 Black
USA - FC Batavia 06  Boys Navy

U19 Girls
France - RSL AZ South 05/06 Girls Fairchild
England - RSL AZ North 07 Girls Soutar