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RSL AZ Welcome Party - Schedule & Soccer Olympics

By RSL AZ, 05/12/24, 1:00PM MST


The annual RSL AZ Welcome Party and Soccer Olympics are here. All RSL AZ teams will play one match friendly on either Saturday or Sunday and all U7-U13 teams will participate in Soccer Olympics on Saturday. 

Players can check out the new 2024/25 adidas RSL AZ uniforms and try on different sizes at the headquarters tent on field #1 at Scottsdale Sports Complex on Saturday and Sunday. We will also be selling the Earnhardt - State 48 - RSL AZ shirts, and tournament hoodies for $25.

Teams are encouraged to dress up for the Soccer Olympics. Best dressed teams win a prize. Winning Soccer Olympics teams will also receive a prize!

Earnhardt Auto Centers and Phoenix Children's will be on hand giving away some awesome gear!

Click here for the U7-U13 match schedule
(matches only on Saturday)

Click here for the U7-U13 Soccer Olympics schedule
(Soccer Olympics only on Saturday at Scottsdale Sports Complex Field 1-4)
(Teams will either play game then Soccer Olympics OR Soccer Olympics then game)
(Players DO NOT need to checkin for Soccer Olympics. One parent volunteer per team must checkin)

Click here for the U14-U19 match schedule
(matches on Saturday and Sunday)

Field locations
Scottsdale Sports Complex

(8081 E Princess Dr Scottsdale)

Bell 94
(9390 E Bell Rd)

Match details
Matches will be 60 minutes in length with two 25-minute halves for all 11v11, 9v9, and 7v7 age groups. 4v4 teams will play four-10 minute quarters.

Players must bring both jerseys (red and white), training top, and blue tryout shirt. Coaches will decide on the fields what teams will wear.

Soccer Olympics Details

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - All teams MUST have a parent volunteer to help assist the team throughout Soccer Olympics. These parent volunteers will help keep score and guide the team to the correct event. 

Parent volunteers are required to check-in their team at least 20 minutes prior to the event starting at the check-in tent located in the middle of fields 1-4 at Scottsdale Sports Complex. Parent volunteers  will receive a scorecard that will help them keep score and a schedule of events.                    

NOTE - Not all players can participate in an event. Players must be divided evenly between events. Teams need at least 5 players to participate in Soccer Olympics.                                                                   

EVENT SCORING - Each event is worth 25 points. Team Leaders will update their scorecard with the # of points their team earned in the event. At the conclusion of Soccer Olympics, Team Leaders will return their scorecard to the check-in tent. Scores will be added up and winners will be announced immediately. 


Field #1 - Dribbling Contest
Teams will be divided up evenly between heats and each team will have 6 players dribbling. The RSL AZ Representative on the field will announce the heats. Be sure to pay attention to these announcements. Teams will participate in one heat with 6 players. Each player will dribble through the length of the lane with a ball. At the end of the lane they will pass the ball to the next player who will then repeat the same until all 6 players have gone. The RSL AZ Representative on the field will judge how teams finish.

1st place will be awarded 25 points
2nd place will be awarded 20 points
3rd place will be awarded 15 points
4th place and on will be awarded 10 points

Field #2 - Penalty Shootout
Teams will be divided up into pairs and 5 penalties per team will be taken. While teams will compete against each other, teams will be awarded points per penalty converted. Meaning a team can make 3 penalties, lose the shootout, and still be awarded 15 points (5 points per converted penalty).

Each goal is worth 5 points (max is 25 points)

Field #3 - Target Practice 
Teams will be competing against themselves. Each team will have 5 players attempting one kick. There will be markers on the field and if a player hits that target they will receive points.

Parent volunteers much convert the points below. 

150-125 points = 25 points
124-100 points = 20 points
99-75 points = 15 points
74-50 points = 10 points
49-0 points = 5 points

Field #4 - Simon Says
The RSL AZ Representative will stay in the middle of the center circle and shout out commands. All players may participate in this event. If you miss a command, you are out and must sit down. 

Each player who can make it to the end of the game will earn 5 points for their team (Max 25 points per team)