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Arizona Youth Soccer Association Rule Change Regarding Heading The Ball

By Legacy AZ Soccer, 03/06/16, 8:15PM MST


From Arizona Youth Soccer Association

AYSA Members, 

With the announcement of the Concussion Lawsuit Resolution by U.S. Soccer on the 9th of November, Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) is making the following changes with regards to heading of the ball. These changes are effective immediately. 


  • No player in any age group from Under-10 and below, including the Under-10 age group, will be allowed to head a ball in any activity sanctioned by Arizona Youth Soccer Association. This includes any and all practices, matches, and training activities. Affected persons shall include all players in the above-mentioned age groups who are members of Arizona Youth Soccer Association, its member leagues, clubs, affiliates, and tournaments. 
  • This heading rule will pertain to the use of any and all types of balls, regardless of construction, size, material, or hardness. 
  • AYSA hereby instructs all sanctioned events to add the following into its event rules: "No heading in age groups Under-10 and below is allowed. If, during the course of a match, a header is performed, play will be stopped and will resume with an indirect kick for the opposing team." 
  • AYSA hereby instructs all sanctioned entities (clubs, leagues, etc.), to place into effect a similar rule banning heading during practices, training, etc. 


  • Upon release of the actual policy from US Soccer, AYSA will institute additional requirements for these age groups.


Arizona Youth Soccer Association