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New Faces Join Legacy's Board of Directors at Annual General Meeting

By Garrett, 05/21/16, 11:30AM MST


Legacy's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on February 22 and five volunteers were elected to serve on the Board of Directors for a two-year term. 

Joining the Board of Directors for the 2016-17 season are: Walid Kaakoush (President), Dan Keller (Treasurer), Andrea Eggleston (Registrar), Chris Farabee (Girls Commissioner), Scott Moyer (Director of Special Programs), JC Walsh (Rec COED U9-U18 Commissioner), and Sean Burke (Red COED U4-U8 Commissioner). 

President - Newly Elected
Walid Kaakoush

Past President
Nicholas Markette

Vice President
Jim Burgess

Vince Licciardi

Treasurer - Newly Elected
Dan Keller

Registrar (Legacy Program)  - Newly Elected
Andrea Eggleston

Director of Special Programs  - Newly Elected
Scott Moyer

Recreational Coed U9-U18 Commissioner  - Newly Elected
JC Walsh

Recreational Coed U4-U8 Commissioner
Sean Burke

Recreational Girls Commissioner
Steve James

Legacy Boys Commissioner
Nathan Fairchild

Legacy Girls Commissioner  - Newly Elected
Chris Farabee