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Building Upon A Legacy

By Legacy, 04/05/17, 3:00PM MST


Miguel Magana, a former Legacy player and Legacy assistant coach this year, just got a new job with the LA Galaxy! 

Miguel has shared his story about how he started at Legacy and is now working for a team in Major League Soccer! Miguel also had a hand in making the video that is shown before the Minnesota home games . Check it out here.

Building Upon a Legacy

The life decisions of a recent graduate are never easy. After graduating from W.P. Carey with a degree in Sports and Media studies, I wanted to pursue a career in sports. Coaching was a great avenue to be on the field and be in an environment I absolutely loved, but I knew I wanted to take a step towards working for Major League Soccer. Although the amount of opportunities were scarce, I found a job at the MLS National Sales Center in Blaine, Minnesota. This was a rigorous crash-course into selling lifelong memories to soccer fans across the league. Along with great sales training, I received memories and experience firsthand with Minnesota United FC. In addition, I was graciously able to be a part of a promotional video which plays on the Jumbo Tron before every match that can be seen here. I’m the one in the red boots!

The goal of the NSC is for trainees to move onto clubs around the league and work for them full time. After much consideration and sleepless nights, I decided to accept a full-time position with the LA Galaxy as an Amateur Account Executive. The purpose of an AAE is to develop relationships primarily with youth soccer organizations, as well as businesses, universities, fan groups, and other community groups. I also will be performing game day responsibilities, including entertaining fans, working ticket sales booths, and fulfillment of large group event partnerships. While not in the office, I will also be attending youth soccer tournaments; as well as board, coach, and team parent meetings.

Ultimately, the success I found at the NSC can be attributed to all the life-changing coaches I had growing up at Legacy. Playing at Legacy for seven seasons created a foundation of relationships, guidance, and passion I would have not received otherwise. The coaches I had at Legacy have now became lifelong mentors and family. After reaching a point in my life where I knew I wanted to give back to the soccer community that gave me so much, I had to reach out to Andy and continue the Legacy. After a year of being a sponge and learning what it takes to be a great coach, I learned the best advice doesn’t come in the form of tactics. The greatest lessons I have learned from coaching have come from building relationships and sharing the love of the sport. As a coach, the moment you are able to engage and create the desire to learn is the moment a true soccer player and fan is born. I can’t thank Pat Jackson and Donny Deutsch enough for their leadership and allowing me to step in their shadow to learn from their endless array of soccer knowledge on both a tactical and personal level. Every time these coaches stepped on the field and were interacting with the players, the smiles of the young men would illuminate the field. I will take that sense of compassion and desire wherever my lifelong journey takes me.

Now transitioning from once a player, to a coach, and now working for Major League Soccer and the LA Galaxy, I try and replicate the same enthusiasm and passion from my childhood heroes over to fans. Not to mention I want to give back to the same soccer community the lasting memories of going to matches I have with my Dad growing up. I’m ecstatic this will be my career moving forward and encourage all avid soccer fans and college graduates alike to follow your dreams because you will be surprised at you can accomplish with a “goalload” of hard-work and dedication.