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Help Support Kameron!

By Legacy, 04/11/17, 4:00PM MST


Legacy family, Kameron, a member of our 08 Boys Blue team, was diagnosed with cancer, specifically Rhabdomyosarcoma. This rare, aggressive cancer is made up of cells that develop and invade skeletal muscles and spread throughout the body. During Kameron's many tests (blood work, CT Scans, Pet Scans, MRIs), the doctors also found an orange-size tumor behind his bladder.

Help support Kameron on his Go Fund Me 

As we try to wrap our minds around this horrific diagnosis, we've been learning about the chemo protocol specific to Kameron and all that entails. This will comprise of a 54-week chemotherapy schedule, which started on his 9th birthday on March 28. Most weeks Kameron will get chemo everyday for a five-day period and repeat the following week.  Around weeks 20-30, he will undergo radiation to hopefully eliminate the tumor.  

This protocol will be grueling and long, and it will take an emotional and financial toll on Kameron’s family.

Many of you have asked what can you do or how can you help and we are grateful for your support.  We don't have a clear idea yet of all of the expenses related to Kameron fighting this cancer, but we do know he has already spent three weeks in the hospital (one third of that in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit).  We also know this fight will span over two calendar years, their insurance will not pay for it all and they will have to cover their annual deductibles twice. In addition, the expenses they face in travel and time in accessing care for Kameron will be significant, too.

The last thing they need is to carry an insurmountable financial burden as they support Kameron and help him stay focused on ridding his body of this cancer.

This funding account will help them ease the stress of all they face in the year ahead. 

We are all ready to fight, Kameron is ready to fight, and so our journey begins. Thank you for your love and support and please keep Kameron and our family in your thoughts and prayers.