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Teams & Requests


All RSL AZ Recreational teams are formed within each age group by a number of factors - coach requests, teammate requests, school attending, and neighborhood. Special requests must be made through a parent note during the online registration process.  While we try to honor special requests we cannot guarantee that all requests can be met.  Date of registration will be the determining factor if a team receives more requests than can be met. Special requests can only be made online at time of registration. Parents should utilize the friend and coach request boxes to note their preferences.

NOTE: Teams will not be rearranged to accommodate requests made during the late registration period for the season.

All RSL AZ Recreational team information including team rosters, coaches, and practice days and times are finalized after the schedule RSL AZ Recreational Coach Clinic/Meeting normally the Saturday before the first week of practices. All RSL AZ Recreational coaches are asked to start contacting all their players after the RSL AZ Recreational Coach Clinic/Meeting.


Nearly every soccer player starts his or her career on the recreational level.  Recreational teams are devoted to the enjoyment and development of players, without the emphasis on competition. Recreational teams are formed randomly, and RSL AZ strives to accept all children who are interested in playing, roster limits notwithstanding.

The RSL AZ rec program  is a small sided games program for ages 3-16 that lays out a perfect soccer foundation for the players life long enjoyment of the game.