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Club Volunteer Commitment

As a member of our RSL-AZ competitive programs (Elite & Competitive) we ask our families to commit to 4 volunteer hours per player each season of play along with selling 5 RSL AZ Golf Raffle tickets. Both of these must be met to have your bond waived.   

The hours are needed to help the club be successful at our large events and programs such as tournaments and our recreation program. Our members can choose from a list of approved volunteer options. If a $150 Volunteer Bond was collected at the time of registration this will be waived upon completion of hours & the sale of 5 raffle tickets (per player) or a member can opt to skip the volunteer hours and the club will retain the bond.  (Please note- only families that have a volunteer bond included in their registration will  have their bond returned.)

To receive credit for your volunteer hours you must:
Sign in at the event on the volunteer sheet (WRITE LEGIBLE)

To have your volunteer bond removed from your account: ($150 max waived per player) Your account must be in good standing and you must complete your 4 approved hours and sell at least 5 club raffle tickets. You will be notified once your requirement is met and your bond is removed. Hours and raffle tickets sales must be in the same seasonal year. 

$150 bond - will be removed from future invoices due or refunded if balance has been paid in full. 


Please select from our list of current approved volunteer hours. These slots are updated periodically through the year. Please check back if you don't see any slots of interest. There is no limit to the number of hours you can volunteer. 


Royal Cup Volunteer Opportunities coming soon

RSL AZ Golf Raffle Tickets

Our golf tournament is our largest fundraiser of the year. We need everyone's help to sell 5 raffle tickets per player at a price of $10 each. This requirement must be met to be eligible to have your volunteer bond waived.

Make sure the purchaser enters your child's name and team on the order form for their purchase. 



(Teams may purchase tickets in one combined transaction if desired. Please contact Kathy to do this from a team bank draft.

Within the club there are several jobs that can satisfy the volunteer requirement. 

  • Team Manager*
  • Team Treasurer*
  • Team Gold Shirt Coordinator
  • Recreation Coach
  • Fill-in referee (only if referee shortage)
  • Top Soccer

We do understand that there are many needs of the individual teams and volunteering for your team is a vital part of each team's success. These additional team roles, however,  will not count towards the 4 hours to the club. The 4 hours to club are specifically to help with our large events.  To receive back your volunteer bond, you must still sell at least 5 club raffle tickets. 

*Team Manager and Team Treasurer are eligible to have their bond returned prior to selling their 5 raffle tickets.

Questions or want to check if club help other than the above list can be approved - email Kathy