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More than 20 RSL AZ Teams Claim League Titles

By RSL AZ, 04/01/22, 8:45AM MST


We would like to congratulate all teams on finishing their seasons and we would like to highlight 23 teams that won their divisions - four teams won their divisions in both Open League Season 1 and Open League Season 2. 

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As we enter the final stretch of the season we'd like to wish good luck to all teams and they close out their 2021-22 seasons. 

Note: If we missed any teams by accident please let us know

Arizona Advanced Leagues

U12 APL: RSL AZ North 10 Boys Fresquez
U13 APL1: RSL AZ Yuma 09 Boys Patino
U18 APL1: RSL AZ North 04 Boys Behler

U14 ASL1: RSL AZ North 08 Girls Turner
U16 ASL1: RSL AZ South 06 Girls Campbell
U19 ASL2: RSL AZ West Valley 2003 Girls Kelly

Season 1 Open League

U12 D3: RSL AZ Yuma 10 Boys Lagarda
U13 D4: RSL AZ North 09 Boys West Rivera
U14 D7: RSL AZ South 08 Boys Ansah
U15 D6: RSL AZ Yuma 07 Boys Perez
U17 D3: RSL AZ South 05 Boys Bogus
U18 D1: RSL AZ North 04 Boys Widlicka
U18 D2: RSL AZ West Valley 2004 Boys Nuss

U12 D1: RSL AZ South 10 Girls Larimer
U12 D3: RSL AZ West Valley 2010 Girls Douglas
U12 D4: RSL AZ North 10/11 West Girls Barnes
U13 D2: RSL AZ South 09 Girls Cooper
U14 D2: RSL AZ West Valley 2008 Girls Ramirez
U15 D3: RSL AZ West Valley 2007 Girls Georgen

Season 2 Open League

U11 D7: RSL AZ West Valley 2011 Boys Chavez
U13 D5: RSL AZ South 09 Boys Moyer
U14 D2: RSL AZ South 08 Boys NJ Markette
U14 D6: RSL AZ South 08 Boys Ansah

U12 D1: RSL AZ West Valley 2010 Girls Douglas
U12 D3: RSL AZ North 10/11 Girls West Barnes
U13 D2: RSL AZ West Valley 2009 Girls Huttenhow
U14 D1: RSL AZ West Valley 2009 Girls Ramirez

PCJSL Fall 2021 (Winter/Spring Season still being played)

U19 D1: RSL AZ North 03 Boys Nogales Estrada

U11 D2: RSL AZ Southern AZ 11 Girls RSLAZ Southern Bosley