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Tryout registration for the 2024-25 season is now open.  Specific dates/times based on region, age, and gender will be released shortly.

For RSL AZ Teams outside of Phoenix

RSL-AZ tryout selection process

How are tryouts run?

  • 2/3 tryout days total for each age group. Players are encouraged to attend every tryout in their age group but can still be selected after one tryout.
  • No players can be cut during the tryout process until after the final roster is finished.
  • Head coaches will seek individual player evaluation information on past players from the previous coach, assistant director, director of coaching, after the second tryout after evaluating them on their own when possible.
  • No parents from the pool of players trying out can evaluate including parent assistant coaches.
  • Head Coaches who are parents can evaluate.
  • DOC (Director of Coaching) & AGDs (Age Group Directors) will assist in evaluation process.

What is the coach’s role during the tryouts?

  • Be organized. Start on time.
  • Be professional.
  • Rotate between groups. All groups will have an evaluator watching at all times.
  • Evaluate all players.
  • Be fair.
  • Work with other evaluators. Listen to all the evaluators input.
  • Work with tryout coordinators.


  • All RSL AZ coaches who do not have a tryout are asked to help as an evaluator.
  • The goal is to have multiple additional evaluators for every age group.


Coach / Evaluators Responsibilities

  • The 1st team head coach leads tryouts for their age group.
  • 2nd /3rd etc. team head coaches and evaluators assist.


How does the selection process work?

  • Coaches for the top teams choose their roster first followed by the next coach to select their roster; etc.
  • Consider all the evaluations feedback for selection to each team.


Phone Calls

  • Coaches can contact players immediately after your last tryout if your roster meets all of our tryout policies.
  • Coaches will start calling after your last tryout if possible. To get through all the calls for age groups with multiple teams it can take days and days. If you haven’t heard from a coach after a while please contact the 1st team coach.
  • Players/parents need to be prepared to provide a Yes or No answer immediately when contacted after the final tryout.
  • Top team coaches call their players first, followed by the next team. Coaches coordinate so there is little or no time in between.
  • The phone calls to the players not selected to any of the teams will be split between all the team coaches.
  • All players are to be contacted - both players who make it and who don’t by phone.
  • Coaches are asked to not leave a voice message to any player indicating they made the team or didn’t. All players must be spoken to directly by the coach. Coaches might leave a message to call you back but must follow up with each player until all players have been directly contacted and informed of their status.

Post Tryout - Parent Meeting

  • Each Coach will host a parent/player meeting the first week after your tryouts.
  • The coaches philosophy, season long budget, possible tournaments, etc. will be covered.
  • RSL AZ Player Handbook will be provided. All players and parents must sign.


Post Tryout Practices

  • All teams will hold practices in May after tryouts. Normally the last two weeks of May.