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RSL AZ Learning Center - Week #8 Defending Phase: Close Down Wide Area and Deny Service

By RSL AZ, 10/20/23, 8:45AM MST


The RSL AZ Learning Center is back with new curriculum. If you missed any of the previous posts see below. 

Week #1 - Attacking Phase: Creation & Use of Space
Week #2 - Defending Phase: Close DGC & Prevent Penetration
Week #3 - Attacking Phase: Draw Defense & SPOA
Week #4 - Defending Phase: Set the Trap
Week #5 - Attacking Phase: Counter Press
Week #6 - Defending Phase: Establish Possession: Connect Passes out of Pressure
Week #7 - Attacking Phase: Box Cross

Week #8- Defending Phase

TACTICAL PRINCIPLE - Close Down Wide Area and Deny Service


  • Urgency to close space/time on the ball
  • Body shape & Positioning to prevent crosses
  • Patient defending: NO diving
  • Adjust & Re-Adjust hips to continue to force play AWAY
  • Urgency to provide COVER defender