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January Teams of the Month Announced

By RSL AZ, 02/26/24, 4:00PM MST


RSL AZ will be recognizing an RSL AZ North, South, West Valley, Yuma, and Southern AZ team as the Team of the Month every month from September to May.

Teams will not only be recognized for their performance on the field, but off the field as well.

Check out the January Teams of the Month below!

Yuma - 10 Girls Rodriguez
Throughout the year, coaching the 2010 girls' soccer team has been a rewarding experience. Despite the numerous ups and downs they've faced, including challenges and setbacks, the team has shown remarkable improvement and resilience. Their dedication to improving their skills and working together as a team has been impressive, and I am incredibly proud of their commitment. As their coach, I wouldn't want to work with a different group of girls. I look forward to seeing how they continue to develop in the future.

Tucson - Shaloo 10 Girls
Our Southern Arizona 2010 Girls are the newly crowned State NPL Champions. This talented group of young athletes has showcased exceptional skill, determination, and teamwork, leading them to triumph. Their undefeated journey to the championship proved they are an attacking and defensive powerhouse with 15 goals for and only 1 against in regular season play. That along with an unparalleled spirit makes them a true inspiration for our soccer community and a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. They hope to continue their success story as they prepare for the NPL national finals in Denver Colorado this summer. Congratulations to our champions – your victory is a victory for us all!

West Valley - Valencia 15 Boys
Our team is blessed with a group that works together at all levels. From the coaching staff, to the parents, to the players; we all work hard to push ourselves forward in this sport that we love. At the beginning of the season, the majority of our team was composed of players playing club for the first time. It challenged us in many ways. In the first half of the season, although inexperienced, our drive rewarded the players with several championship matches. Medals were brought home, but more importantly experience from every match. This second half of the season we are diligently working to continue our development on the field as well as our continued pursuit of memories outside of it. We can't wait for all the games, birthday parties, play dates, and bumps that await us.

North - 2015 B Chacon
The U9 boys soccer team is a group of young athletes who have excelled on the field and also forged lasting friendships. With dedication and hard work, they’ve won multiple tournaments, showcasing their commitment to competing at the highest level. It has been heartwarming to witness the bond that these boys have built over the past couple of years. Cheers to their accomplishments, and here's to the continued success with this exceptional group of young players.

South - 2015 B Sanchez
These boys have come a long way since the beginning of the season. They are all like brothers and this has helped them overcome challenges throughout the year. This entire team was in rec last season and they began the season as a bunch of individuals; now are playing as a part of a team and are playing together. It makes me happy as a coach to see them start to become smarter and more skilled as players, especially this young in their club soccer career. The continuous effort they put in at training day in and day out has started to show in games since coming back from winter break. Their first weekend back from break they won the Ft. Lowell Tournament and they haven’t slowed down since. They should be very proud of themselves for their progress this year. Stay focused and keep working hard boys! I know your parents are proud of you and so are the coaches.