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February Teams of the Month Announced

By RSL AZ, 03/21/24, 10:00AM MST


RSL AZ will be recognizing an RSL AZ North, South, West Valley, Yuma, and Southern AZ team as the Team of the Month every month from September to May.

Teams will not only be recognized for their performance on the field, but off the field as well.

Check out the January Teams of the Month below!

RSL AZ North - 13 Boys Pre-MLS Next JCFresquez
The 2013 boys are a group of young amazing athletes that have come together with great work ethic and determination. Their hard work and willingness to develop has been amazing to see as they continue to grow on the field . It has been an extreme pleasure and honor to coach this group of boys. I look forward to seeing what future holds for them both on and off the field. I am very proud of their accomplishments and look forward to many more.

RSL AZ South - 09 Girls Cooper
It's such an honor to be the team of the month for the South! These young ladies continue building their love of the game through their friendships they nurture both on and off the pitch. Since coming back from their high school break, they have faced so much adversity through injuries but continue to work hard for their "sisters" who are sidelined. 

Many of these players have been playing together for years and their connection on the field shows. For me, it is so exciting to watch them develop their capabilities and their character every day we're together and seeing that translate into how they play the game. We set high expectations for ourselves, always striving for continuous improvement. These young ladies will be a force in this world - watch out! I truly feel blessed to be a small part of their amazing journey! 

RSL AZ Yuma - 16 Boys Rojas
The RSL-AZ Yuma 2016 Rojas Boys have made their presence felt everywhere they compete. These boys have been playing together for two years and are showing signs of being something special for years to come. They play a dynamically fast style of play that makes them a joy to watch. Don't let their small size fool you, these boys are relentless and pack a punch. They have been competing a year up in age all season in Arizona and California playing 7v7 in tournaments like Rebels Showcase, Arsenal Challenge and the Holiday Classic. What's makes these boys special besides their incredible talents and love for the game is their ability to be great human beings among each other. They have built a fantastic relationship of friendship that truly makes this team a joy. As coaches, it is a pleasure to have such a close group of parents and athletes that come together to form something truly special. Tremendous group of talented dedicated players that works hard both on and off the field. The level of competitiveness  they display is second to none. We are extremely excited to see how far this team can go. #RSL-AZ Yuma

RSL AZ West Valley - 12 Boys Bieber 
The 2012 RSL AZ West Valley Bieber Boys have shown remarkable progress in their development, putting in dedicated effort during the summer months leading up to the current season. Notably, several boys from the team had the incredible opportunity to attend a 10-day development camp in Spain with the Real Madrid foundation, immersing themselves in the European style and approach to football.

The team's philosophy revolves around peer-to-peer accountability and drive. Coaches Bieber and Maldonado prioritize player development, focusing not only on physical skills but also mental resilience to overcome challenges from opponents, referees, and even parents. Instead of leading with aggression and fear, the coaches emphasize positivity, individual player accountability, and allowing players to make decisions on the field, learning from their mistakes with encouragement and guidance.

This coaching approach has resulted in the team blossoming into a versatile and well-rounded unit. Players are encouraged and trained to play multiple positions to develop versatile skills and game IQ allowing the team to quickly adjust game strategy based on the level of their opponents. Multi-position training also ensures ample playing time for each athlete and prevents an overcrowded bench. The team’s emphasis on speed and agility training allows players to maintain peak performance throughout games, contributing to their success on the field.

From initially being in last place in league play during the first half of the season, they turned things around to finish undefeated and clinched the league championship in the second half. Additionally, the team secured tournament victories, including champions in the Holiday Classic and Christmas Angel tournaments. Most recently, they achieved finalist status in the gold bracket at Ostrich Festival, highlighting the team's continued growth and success.

RSL AZ Southern AZ - 13 Boys Flores
The RSL AZ Southern 2013 NPL Boys Flores are growing! Being named team of the month is a tremendous and well-earned honor for these boys. This is a group that has consistently shown grit and determination all season long in working towards their team goals. They continue to show an amazing work ethic and strong character as they take on all challenges that the season presents. There is no quit in this group! That is why it is no surprise that these positive and energetic boys are now showing significant on-field improvement.

Taking home first place at the 2024 Ostrich Festival was so well deserved. They played together, played hard and played some excellent soccer. On multiple occasions throughout the weekend they had to come from behind in matches. Each time they fell behind they stayed positive, worked for each other, and remained focused on how we wanted to play. That approach paid off and they earned their first championship of the season. We could not be more proud of the character these boys are now displaying.

Considering this group has just come together this season, I think we can expect more trophies in their future! We are all very excited about their continued growth and for what the future holds for this special group!