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RSL AZ Learning Center - Week #1 Attacking Phase: Find a player behind the backline

By RSL AZ, 02/12/24, 12:00PM MST


The RSL AZ Learning Center is back with new curriculum. If you missed any of the previous posts see below. 

Fall 2023 
Week #1 - Attacking Phase: Creation & Use of Space
Week #2 - Defending Phase: Close DGC & Prevent Penetration
Week #3 - Attacking Phase: Draw Defense & SPOA
Week #4 - Defending Phase: Set the Trap
Week #5 - Attacking Phase: Counter Press
Week #6 - Defending Phase: Establish Possession: Connect Passes out of Pressure
Week #7 - Attacking Phase: Box Cross
Week #8- Defending Phase:  Close Down Wide Area and Deny Service
Week #9 - Attacking Phase: Create Gaps and Skip Lines

Week #10 - Defending Phase: Interchange Positions to Prevent Progress 
Week #11 - Delay Progress to Reorganize Lines
Week #12 - Vertically to Exploit Opposition 

Week #1 Attacking Phase

TACTICAL PRINCIPLE - Find a player behind the backline


  • Timing-Recognition of cues: when ball carrier has time/space & is in good position (depending on age group) to be able to reach a ball behind the opposition’s backline
  • Technique for ball carrier-what type of ball is being called for: driven, chipped, curled
  • Technique for runner-open hips to face forward, counter movements to draw defender out of space, curved runs to stay onside
  • Link between Runner & Ball Carrier-a straight ball for an angled runner or an angled ball for a straight runner

The main emphasis for this topic is to be dangerous and THREATEN the opposition’s backline. This does NOT mean that every ball is played long.  However, in the proper areas of the field (midfield 1/3, final 3rd-dependent on space behind), can the players be consistent in creating OPTIONS WITH RUNS IN BEHIND.  In link with the runner, can the ball carriers recognize proper moments to SCAN FOR PLAYERS IN BEHIND.